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May Security Patch

I ended up removing my BT sim card which is on EE network and reset my 7+ to get 8.1 update but now waiting for May security patch. Soon it will be June so not so fast with updates still

You could pick up a cheap PAYG SIM on another network, assuming your phone is not network-locked. O2 (used by Giffgaff & Tesco) has been used by others here to workaround the unexplained (HMD, the lack of communication is inexcusable, even if the constipation is inside EE) blockage on EE. Temporarily swapping the SIM, downloading the update, then swapping back may be the pragmatic solution. N.B. forcing an update could potentially cause trouble, if the network has blocked it for a reason (the second half of why silence is inexcusable, HMD).
HMD should of by now put out a official statement with why this is happening before they lose customers
Put an O2 sim in and would you believe it got may security patch plus other fixes straight away
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