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Please fix some issues

I simply love the Nokia experience. It's the best android phone out there, specially for people like me who love pure Android but can't afford expensive pixel phones. It's the next nexus for me. But since the 8.1 update, I am facing some issues like-minded 1. No notification dot. I have turn the notification dot on for all apps also its on in the launcher settings, still I don't get notification dot. I tried everything, restart, clear cache etc but it doesn't fix. 2. Notification sounds don't work. Same issue 3. Sometimes, screen get freeze. All these issues have started after 8.1 update, before everything was working fine. They need to update the default launcher too. I am sad to see that Nokia 7 plus, which is a mid range phone is getting more updates and even the dual LTE facility, but a flagship phone like Nokia 8 seems to be have forgotten. It's a flagship phone, it has SD 835 and it's just an year old, so please Nokia, please pay attention to Nokia 8 users too. I love this phone but am so sad to see that it's been neglected by HMD and even the mid rangers like Nokia 7 plus and 6.1 are getting frequent updates.

It stands to reason newer models receive more updates as they have more problems than a mature product, when i got my Nokia 8 it felt like the updates never stopped. However to allude that the Nokia 8 has been forgotten is ludicrous, Nokia cannot fix what Google have broken and i suspect all the things you mention that are in relation to the OS and not the hardware will be rectified when Google fix the bugs.

That said my screen never freezes and my notifications work just fine, i can't comment on dots as i use Nova Launcher and i would prefer not to see them anyway, i cant see the point in them.

Thanks MrBelter but the issues I've specified aren't Google issues. Screen freezing isn't Google issue, no notification sounds or dots also not a Google issue. Another thing that it's old phone so no need to update is absurd answer as it isn't that old and it's a flagship so when many users are complaining about something so they should look into it as many are complaining about no notification sounds and screen freeze, which is a phone issue and not an OS specific issue. You're using Nova launcher isn't a question here, question is about customer service. Using a launcher or not is a user choice, that doesn't mean that the default launcher should be pathetic. Also dots notification doesn't matter for you but it does for others so your answer is not very relevant.

I don't have any of those issues you mentioned so before accusing the phone of being the issue, how about a factory reset to see if it actually IS the phone or whether it's a software issue. I'm sure that 100% of those issues are caused by software!!!

As for updates I don't see the problem, newer phones get updated first usually because they are the ones with the most software issues to fix, it's no good leaving new phones with issues to concentrate on fixing issues with phones that have minor issues instead.

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