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Updates for TA-1004

Hi. I have a TA-1004
i bought it used though in warranty etc.
Phone is on android 8.0.0 with 1 march 2018 security update.
Whenever i check for software update, it says your phone is upto date.

I downloaded the zip file and when i tried to upgrade it from stock recovery, it said you cant downgrade. As that 8.1 OTA zip had feb security patch.

I need help. How to update?

I have a similar problem with TA-1004 in Poland/T-mobile. The only difference is that I am on 8.1 but still with March updates. I contacted support and they told me to be patient. But I am disappointed. HMD Global is claiming to be releasing release monthly patches (i.e. May 29th conference in Moscow, they were very proud of that) whereas I am 2 months behind.
Same. I talked to customer support they said to be patient. I went to service center they said they can flash it with latest software but I'll havebto leave the phone for 3 business days. I'm really disappointed with this tho i love the phone. Btw did you change your sim or something after you got your 8.1 update ?
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