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Chances for group messaging in software update?

I recently picked up a Nokia 3310 3G, for use on vacations and times when I don't want to risk damage to my main phone. It's great for that purpose, but one thing that surprised me was the lack of group messaging. I had a feature/"dumb" phone as my main phone only a few years ago, and it was capable of group messaging. I wondered if this functionality could potentially be added to the Nokia 3310 3G in a future software update? Thanks very much.

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To anyone who has an interest in this topic, I may have found a potential workaround until (not impossibly) this feature is added. The service GroupMe, owned by Microsoft under the Skype brand, allows for group texts to be sent to and from a single number. There are GroupMe iOS/Android apps available, but the service can also work over standard SMS. I can't yet be certain, but I'm led to believe the service can work with only one member of the text group using GroupMe, without any other members of the group requiring to signup for GroupMe or download the app. A GroupMe support rep seems to confirm that here.

I like the ability to "unplug" from my smartphone, but still be able to call and text. Even so, the 3310's inability to group text was tough to get used to. Hopefully this can help ease that transition a bit.

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