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Phone is dead with in 3 days of receiving.

 Dear All,

I have ordered Nokia 7Plus (order #7411) on 13th May, 2018 and received on 19th May, evening. But 24th May, morning I found my mobile dead, it was not responding in anyway. So I put in charging for 15 minutes then also no response. I have sent mail to regarding the same issue and requested for replacement with a new mobile. As the the invoice date is 16th May and I have sent mail on 24th May I have the right to claim replacement with another new device. As per customer care request I have sent photos of the device on 24th May itself. Unfortunately I have not received any mail since 48 hours about the device replacement. So few hours back I have called the toll free customer care no. But still they have not sent me any written instruction. I am really facing trouble due to this. This is really a big question mark about the after sell service quality of Nokia.

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