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Start up issues

I am a first time user of a smart phone and bought the Nokia 3 because it was advertised as suitable for new smart phone users and because I loved my Nokia flip phone several years ago  Started trying to set it up yesterday and have found it not particularly new-user friendly at all.  The user manual seems to assume a level of familiarity with smart phones that I just don't have.  Somehow I got stuck in the Google store yesterday and couldn't work out how to get out.  Decided to put it down for a while before I threw it against a wall, and just to do a complete factory rest and start again.  Managed to do the reset okay this morning but the phone is still connected to the gmail account I apparently set up yesterday.  I thought I knew the details of that account but clearly not as nothing I enter is correct.  When I log onto Goggle and gmail it tells me there is no gmail account with my phone number and name.  Have emailed the Nokia help centre for assistance but yet to hear back from them.  Any one have any ideas how I can resolve this.  At present I am without a phone at all because of this issue.     

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Further update  ... I've provided my phone's IMEI number to the Nokia mobile care as requested and still awaiting assistance from them more than 36 hours later.  This is extremely poor customer service.  I'm seriously considering buying a new phone from another manufacturer as Nokia is not living up to standard expectations.

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