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contacts getting merged randomly


I have an issue that a lot of my contacts are getting merged randomly on my Nokia 7 Plus phone, without having any relation to each other. 

Example: Peter and Cathrine is merged into one contact on my Nokia Phone. With both their phone number displayed.

 If I try to edit this entry, i Will be asked which contact will you edit; Peter or Cathrine. Still they appear as on contact in the contact list, with one of their name being displayed as the contact name. 

This is driving me insane. I am using contacts+ but the issue remained even if i changed application.

However when i look at my google contacts list on my computer, which i am using to sync my phoine, all the contacts are displayed correctly. So this is either a Android or a Nokia plus 7 issue.

Please help...

Same issue here, Nokia doesn't seems to care to much about this, however, merging contacts on the phone is a totally mess for Nokia.
Nokia uses stock android soo the contact app is of Google. I use Google contact since a while never faced such issues. I suggest to delete those merged contacts & note freshly down.
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