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Extreme Low volume when ear bud is on

I recently bought Nokia 6.1 (TA-1045 US edition). During first start-up it got upgraded to Android 8.1.0.

While calling to someone with Nokia provided ear buds (Hands free), the volume is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY low to hear the other person and becomes very annoying to me. (Also without hands-free, the highest volume is not up-to the mark). 

How to fix this? 



I tried after pairing a Bluetooth headphones and the volume/sound seems to be fine. Not sure why there is a low volume, when the earbuds/hands-free are on. (Tried with the Nokia provided/Friends earbuds and still the volume is low)

Went deep to try to fix since the new "Nokia" customer support is cheese. The Nokia 8 is worse than the Motorola Star Tac from the mid-90s DO NOT Purchase the 8. Became an Android developer by tapping 7 times on the build button got into the AVRCP control changed to version 1.6 tried both disable Absolute Volume and even enable both failed all phone Bluetooth devices Plantronics Voyger nada, Ifrgz NADA, Stanley NADA, alpine car audio NADA I was a Windows phone user and liked the quality of Nokia but I guess Microsoft taught them how to be horrible in product quality and customer service, hello Samsung
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