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Camera bokey mode

Please do take the feedback... According to the price range, the bokey mode is not up to the mark. A I feature should be introduced via software to improve the bokey mode. The potrait /bokey mode in today's world is one of the most important feature. A brand like NOKIA should be the best in such field with the help of (zesis optics). The other companies offering better bokey mode in a lower price range then our Nokia 7 plus. A serious camera software update is require to make the bokey mode better with less noise. In terms of hardware it is too good. Require more software boost to take out the best result from this beautiful Nokia 7 plus. Thank you Abhishek Nandi 8399921210 Nokia 7 plus user.
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@Abhishek Nandi What you said is absolutely correct the rear bokeh mode is not working properly when comparing with other devices and missed the lot of camera AI features I'm asking the Nokia representatives to add these features in next upcoming updates. The brand Nokia with Zeiss optics is not to be like this......please add the AI features and improve the rear bokeh mode is to be working correctly Thanks & Regards

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