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Airtel Rs2,000 cashback

Can you tell me how to redeem that Rs 2,000 cashback on airtel? I didnt received any coupon or promotion code.

Firstly, it is available only for Prepaid number and not for Postpaid number. Secondly, Install Airtel app on your phone, open the app and sign in. If the offer is applicable to you then it will show up in the home page of the app.

Bogus offer! To get 2000, you will have to spend 7000 on Airtel recharges in next 36 months. Lol

TnC of that offer:

"A customer needs to make Airtel prepaid recharges worth ₹3,500 within the 18 months to be eligible for the first cashback instalment of ₹500. Similarly, another set of recharges worth ₹3500 over the next 18 months will make the customer eligible for the second instalment of ₹1,500. "

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Money itself wouldn't be a problem if it was available for Postpaid numbers and not just for Prepaid numbers. I use postpaid plan of 499 and as such in 36 months, I would have spend at least ₹18,000. But sadly the offer is not available for my number. Also, 36 months!! People normally keep a phone for 2 years, not 3 years.
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