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Audio DAC

Can someone please let me know if there is a audio DAC inbuilt on this device,if yes then why the sound is so muffled inspite of tweaking the equilizers apearing in music apps like Google music I am coming from MiA1 and Redmi note5 series of phones and as compared to both the audio on this really soft and muffled,the soundstage is very low.

Both of the above phones are half or near half the cost of this phone and plus they are Chinese brand,so what's wrong with Nokia
Buggy software is main issue & mi a1 has a better quality dac
Every qualcomm chipset based device has a DAC inbuilt but Nokia probably hasn't comfigured it well by not giving proper attention to it.
I really like this device it's so premium at this price,if Nokia could just tweak the software a bit it would be probably the best device under 30k,
Yup. The device is perfect. Whatever problems it has are all software related.

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@puneet yup,an off topic thing is there any telegram group for Nokia 7 plus or Nokia India or Nokia ?
There's a global Nokia 7 plus group on Facebook.
Mia1 has a 10V amp . our Nokia 7 plus doesn't have that but if you want to experience that quality and lowdness of sound. Step 1:Purchase Poweramp audio player and join the beta Testing I think its somewhere around Rs60 currently.(can use the trial version to but you have to join beta) Step 2:go to poweramp settings->audio->output->Hi Res output (experimental)->wired headset/AUX-> sample rate (choose 384khz)and you are set (your headphones will be amped soundstage will widen and you get a sampling rate of 384khz and 24 bit)(only works for earphones,Bluetooth devices and usb DAC) The speaker can also be amped up using Poweramp but it is not advisable as it can cause damage to the internal speaker and we wouldn't want that.

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Hey I can't find high resolution output anywhere in Poweramp settings.

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Mate, u need to enroll in beta version it's in the bottom of the Poweramp install page from there just follow step 2 .
By beta version you mean that I have to become a tester? I have already purchased the full version of Poweramp but could find the setting to change sample rate.
Yep I'm a beta tester and I do have the option of hi Res audio ,I do not know if the normal version of the app has the option of hi Res audio.
You can try black player ,it has got its own amp and equipment and is free

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