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Plz don't buy Nokia phones

I m hard core fan of old Nokia even high end phone are used like Nokia 7710 Nokia 6600.....but this time I m purchase phone Nokia 6 first phone Nokia hmd..and my problems start from that date with 2 month 3rd visit of service center and no part availablity in new Delhi hope u can understand the situation of other place ...and problem still not resolved. I have mailed Nokia but no one reply me...this time pathetic service shon by Nokia... still thank god bcoz I m thinking of buying Nokia a Nokia fan this is very disappointing me ..

Best Answer
Please contact Ajey Mehta sir via Twitter.

Report it man . Delhi service center is terrific. Come to West Bengal , here Nokia service center gives outstanding service. Man complain it .
Man real blasterds is Xiomi . Xiomi is paying money to Nokia employees in India to make Nokia out of market. Complain it. You can contact Nokia mobile directly over Twitter.


Please contact Ajey Mehta sir via Twitter.
I have mail Nokia 3 time but they didn't contact me ...and call service center ..they said part as nhi rahe h to Kaha se kare
Just check this twit out . I did for you. If they behave badly with you, complain to Ajey Mehta sir , he will scold and take steps against those blasterds. Every part of Nokia 6 is available.
Thank bro for your support
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