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Blinking light n pictures

Why blinking light not here in Nokia 7 as while charging or notification if light blinks then it's easy to get it. Are we getting iris or face unlocking in next security path of June and while we click documents it turns to right n have to go edit n adjust to do straight of the pic we click. As every method I tried it clicks same way. One more app should be from left to right as it's easy method then up to down to scroll. If u can fix camera clicking issue then do give in updates as for one click we have to edit n waste of time for customer. Nokia no doubt gives latest updates but having Oreo 8.1 still it lacks many function as Samsung Oreo 8 hope u all fix such issue n upcoming model we will see latest technology as Samsung does in its model as seeing android Oreo I had gone to Nokia but being 8.1 I didn't see many much function it should have. So bring high end model with such facility n high end Snapdragon processor

Face unlock is present on our devices go to Settings->security &location->smart lock->trusted face (They added it in the may update)
A notification LED is a hardware feature which isn't present in the phone. The basic face unlock as provided by the Android is present in the Smart unlock. Nokia devices are based on Android one which is Stock Android and hence, it will only contain features that are present in the stock build of Android on the level of Pixels. Samsung device run on a skinned interface and hence, they have more features.
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