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The led flash gets heated up

Ok here's the thing the led flash on my device gets heated up in a matter of 30 seconds .I noticed that I had the torch on and had kept my finger over it to make it dull I noticed that the flash gets heated up to an extent where it is unbearable everytime is it a defect or what ? had a Moto g3 earlier to this device didn't notice any such issue with it.

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I have similar issues but my understanding is that this is due to the the dual tone flash light which has more bright flash than other smart phones I had been using. Though I'm not sure.

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The dual led flash will get heated up. That's normal.
@puneet I had a g3 prior to this one it to had a dual led flash no heating problems noticed then.

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Punnet , Moyo X Play git dual led flash , which one is brighter than Nokia 7 plus and there is no any heating issue.
I also had G3 and nokia 7 plus flash is more bigger and powerful than g3 it's normal but the dual tone ratio is very bad yellow tone is showing high then white tone.
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