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Android P for nokia 5 (no beta)

Nokia (or HMD) said that the nokia 5 will have the Android P update. But, then comes the problem. Nokia has promised the update before the announcement of the new gestures in Android P. But the Nokia 5 has off screen buttons. 

How we are gonna get the gestures??!! There is a risk that the Android P update will require on screen buttons. What about the nokia 5 then???

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Gestured-based navigation in Android P is optional as far as I'm aware, i.e. you can toggle between gestures and the traditional three-button layout. Presumably we just won't get that option. What would be nice is if you could swipe left and right on the fingerprint scanner to switch between apps, but I don't know it's the type of scanner that recognises gestures.

That is a little bit unfair but, we should just be happy that we get Android P. I feel kind of screwed that we get those stupid off-screen buttons and the newer Nokia phones gets suddenly the beautiful on-screen buttons.

The only real benefit to having the buttons on the screen is that the bottom bezel doesn't need to be as large, but it's more or less the same size on the Nokia 5.1 as it is on the last year's Nokia 5. Physical buttons are more reliable, they leave the screen itself uninterrupted, they can be given additional functions with apps such as Button Mapper, they provide a fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone, and Android P's gesture implementation seems pretty rubbish anyway.

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