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Battery issue: deleting rapidly

Hi, I bought a Nokia 8 sirocco through a website in UK (Techinthebasket not very well known but had good reviews on trust pilot and the phone did arrive on time). I noticed however that the battery life is bad. With cellular data on (but active use with screen on limited to few minutes a day) I struggle to get a full day. I'm currently traveling and this is where battery life really matters as you use quite a bit of GPS, WiFi a day and I'm struggling to get 9 hours. With switching off mobile data and location when not actively using, dimming screen brightness, switching on battery saving mode, and using Android's ability to switch off background apps, I can stretch this to about 12-13 hours(I did use an hour or so of navigation but with screen switched off) but that's still bad compared to my previous low cost (blu) phone with lower battery capacity. I imagined it was a manufacturing defect (still do). The live chat person recommended a procedure to recalibrate battery SOC estimate and unfortunately it didn't help. There is no physical location for the online store I bought it from, so is there somewhere else I can have the phone checked? Is there a fix I can perform? Does the description fit a well known problem and if so, what's the fix?
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Hi there. I am a Nokia 8 Sirocco user for the past 2 months now and my device is constantly connected to either the mobile network or the WiFi. I would like to believe that I have decent usage in terms of video streaming, calls, browsing and gaming. With all of this activity I am getting a good 24+ hours of battery life. I would recommend doing a couple of power cycles i.e. once the battery has been drained completely charge using only the Nokia charger and repeat this cycle multiple times. In case this does not work, would recommend taking the phone to a Nokia authorised service centre close to you because a 9 hour back up is way too less for this phone based on my experience. Thanks & Regards Jay Menon
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