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Tempered Glass

Can anyone suggest me a good website to buy a good Nokia 7 plus tempered glass?

Online purchase can be quite expensive, I suggest you to visit local market and buy it from there, you can check the product before you buy, and it shouldn't cost you more than ₹250, whereas online trading would cost you up to ₹500 for same product.
I can't find it anywhere in the market...please if u do find a legit one online...send me the link!
You can use any Samsung galaxy 6inch phones tempered glass. I am using Samsung galaxy's A6 plus local tempered glass worth 150 Rs. It's nice.
Thank you!
A6 plus 2018 one?
Yes. You need a 2.5D curved glass compatible tempered glass else air gets trapped at the right and left edges.

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I bought nokia 7 plus tempered glass from lazada
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