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Bluetooth connection with Samsung Gear S3 and carkit


I recently bought a Nokia 8 Sirocco, and I am having tons of problems with BT connection, especially around my smart watch Samsung Gear S3 and the carkit. Many times, when I switch on the watch, it doesn't automatically reconnect to the phone, so I need to that manually. Then, if I go to the car, where I have a BT carkit, the carkit doesn't connect (this seems to be related to the HFP connection being taken by the watch, and carkit cannot take over), but this used to work before with Samsung Galaxy S7 and previous Android version. If I deselect the HFP profile for watch, then BT connection cannot happen once disconnected... All in all, very bad user experience around the BT connection, reconnection and multiprofile/multidevice usage.

Any help from Nokia or from Android in this? It seems BT problems in Android 8.1 are very big...



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@user1527590342270 I am too hoping new Android fix it, thank you for your help anyway.

You're welcome! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I have a similar issue. I have a Garmin 5x connected. When I go on my car the audio is always disconnected. I must play something on the phone, go to the car settings and enable audio again on the phone... Pooor but experience. It was working perfectly with my Samsung S8. How can we get a real support? Nokia support tell me to change my car... Lol
I have a problem with Parrot ck3100, Bluetooth connects and disconnects every 30 seconds approximately during a call :_(
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