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Error code 495

Whenever I try to download large size apps I receive "error code 495". All apps whose are less than 400 mb are downloading fine while app greater than 500mb are less likely to download. Any solution?

What app is >400MB? I tried to find one. Are apps that size suitable for a mid-range phone? 

When I try to download large size apps after 30 mins downloading stops and I receive "error code 495"
Max H games like PUBG and Nfs



did you already try something for troubleshooting? 

Clear Cache and clear the data in google play store might help (just a suggestion because it helped me once with another phone I had before I joined HMD). 

Best regards, 


Laura I have tried but still facing the error

So, this is not what you mean?


Mash this is the game(PUBG mobile) I am trying to download but can't due to error

I see, 1.29Gb. downloading now. installed and open. No problem.

If you google on that error, you will see a lot of links about that. Maybe there's a solution for you.

Every link just say one thing i.e clear cache and data of Google play store/services but none of them works
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