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Network Proble due to conflict in 4G network and DUal SIM utility

Hi Team,

I bought a brand new Nokia and used it with dual sim Vodafone and VOLTE (JIO).

Since then my problems never ended.

So much that I replaced both the SIMS and got them new-Nothing worked

I ported from Vodafone to Airtel but problem remained.

I changed the slots nothing worked.

Problems: Drop of calls, poor calling...broken voices and unclear all..I wasn't able to do a proper call.

I ripped apart all the provider (Airtel, Vodafone and JIO) guess they are not at fault.

NOKIA: Can you please address tis major flaw in your dual SIM 6.1. It is shock to have such a technical glitch.

Please address this before I start Sharing this in PUBLIC domain. 

Amit Shrivastava


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Hi, I am also using Airtel along side a sd card and it's working well. Did you turn on Enhanced 4G LTE mode under network & internet>mobile network>advanced ?
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