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Biggest Mistake Buying a Nokia 6 What a Load of Cr*p

I decided 2 months ago to upgrade my old Android Phone, Huawei P8 Lite, and the Nokia 6 fell nicely into the spec bracket I was looking for. Outwardly, a lovely phone, great body and screen …. but that is where it stops. £180.00 later, I could honestly throw the thing over the balcony. Camera - Rubbish, you get the odd decent photo in perfect light conditions, low light it struggles to focus and quality is utterly CR*P, Mickey Mouse Components have been used in it, why in God's name didn't you use a decent manufacturer to provide your lens and system. Focus is slow, Auto Burst … well that's a joke, zoom function, by the time you have finished sliding your fingers around and it has thought about it, you have missed what you were aiming for. Front camera, no selfie option box and the auto focus is about as good as a drunk tart on a street corner. General speed and usability of it is nothing to write home about either, slow at times, claggy and overall just " Blugh " Feeling totally Ripped off with this piece of Junk, my Old phone was FAR SUPERIOR in so many ways. Nokia … If I could get my money back from you directly I WOULD … and you can have this piece of nicely engineered rubbish back. (Maybe someone from Nokia will actually Read This)

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