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Battery indicator doesn't work properly


I have a Nokia 7 plus. So yesterday when I went sleep my battery status was 33%. I put my phone on his original charger all the night (about 6 hours) and today when I woke up my battery level was still on 33% but I could read on my screen "Battery charged". During the day my battery status was always 33% althought I've used my phone like always and it seemed to have more battery than it said.

2 hours ago (so approx 8 hours later than I toke my phone from its charger) my battery indicator was on 31%, and I tried to charge my phone again (just to see what's happening this time). Again happened the same, on my display I could read after approx. 2 hours charging "Battery charged" but my battery % next to the battery on the top of the screen is still on 31%. Now I use my phone and I the indicator rest always on 31% (I think till the level of the battery is really under 31%). So it seems that the indicator number never grows up although the battery charge as well. I tried to switch off and switch on again my phone but the problem still being there.

Has someone the same problem I have? How can I repare it? I bought my telefon yesterday, may I go to the store and change it or it's a software problem which will repaired in the future thanks to an update?

Thank you so much.

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Try discharging your phone until it dies, then charge your phone to 100%, it should recalibrate your battery, if it still doesn't work, it's a software issue. Get your phone to service centre and ask them to install a refreshed OS version.
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