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Very disappointed to see Enable screen mirroring option in android cast page of Nokia 7 plus

Hi Team, I'm really disappointed when I noticed that I'm not able to find option to enable screen mirroring from that android cast page.Due to I'm not able to cast my phone to my smart TV, One plus 3 which was also priced in the same segment and launched way back has this option and I'm able to connect to the same TV. It's really insulting when I compare the same price segment Nokia branded phone which released in 2018 does not have the option which OnePlus has provided way back in 2017 beginning itself. Kindly add this minor and very important feature and also any other similar features which might be missing and might have not noticed inhe early future updates which can add extra advantage to the massive Nokia 7 plus. Please please do consider this it's a very basic smart feature which almost every one will use on daily or weekly basis Thanks in advance

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I had a chat with nokia support team and in fact they do not care about what you need and they do not have the customer satisfaction rules
ami the same thing happens to me friend can not duplicate on my tv
Hi guys, i am a nokia fan and using nokia Lumia 730 for past 4 years. I need to go for Nokia 7 plus as my next mobile. But it's so annoying that the option like screen mirroring in my old phone Lumia 730 is not available in this huge price segment also.

Yes, four days before I too tried for screen mirroring with Amazon Fire TV Stick, it's not possible with Nokia 7 plus, but my brother phone is Oppo real me 1, it is having the screen mirroring feature, Non-sense from Nokia a 26000 vs 10000 rs. 10000 is better.


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