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Phone overheats when using headphones on usbc

I have got my N8S for a week now. Love a lot about it. However I also love listening to music and I can't do that anymore. When using the usbc port (and original dongle) to plug in my headphones and listening to music, the phones starts to overheat. The plug and the backside get extremely hot. The battery straks to run down faster and at some point I take the dongle out because it starting to smell. This is a deal breaker for me. I really want to keep using this phone. What I need to know is, if this is a software issue and can be fixed with future update. Or is it is likely hardware oriented. Can somebody help me out? Joris

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Same issue here. The plugs of both original cables (the headset cable and the one for 3.5mm earphones) get very hot when listening to something. I cannot use any of the original cables. I contacted local support, they suggested that I should reboot the phone. What were they thinking?
Yeah, I already have a new N8S. That is significantly better. Rebooting didn't work for me with the old one. Maybe you can try reinstalling? Otherwise is seems to be a hardware problem. I like the new Nokia and love the phones they make but the customer support is nowhere near the level that it should be (not the fault of people working for Nokia customer support). I hope it will improve asap. I dropped my N8S and the front screen broke. I hope it can be fixed and for an reasonable price. But I am sceptical. Nokia needs a Apple like customer survice if it want to get big again.

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Nokia don't need Apple like customer service where when something is wrong with the phone they just tell you that you're using it wrong!!!!

Hello all . I have the same problem . Before thisi had a another android phone working with usb type c headphones but never get hot . I think this is one of the weak point of this phone the quality of handsfree is really bad and some times reflect the gsm signal and will make noise . I think we have to use the wirelessheadphone

 Same issue here. Does this issue is covered by waranty? Do they even have a solution to this problem?

I have the same problem. I also have problem with noises when I listen using headphones. I posted it in another post. I also found that some other user posted here information about these noises. Looks like Sirocco's headphones idea is a really poor design.


I didn't even care to post this till I read yours. But yeah I also have that problem with noises while using my headphones (wired). And it's seems to be getting worse. But no where to turn to. No real customer support. It sucks!
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