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Earpiece getting clogged

Hi I am using my Nokia 8 since last 6 months and I have been facing this issue. Initially I felt the call volume was reduced but I went to care center and they checked and said that due to some dust the ear piece is getting clogged and hence the volume has reduced. As a solution, they cleaned the earpiece with a brush. After a 2 months I again got the same issue, again went to care center and again they did the same thing cleaned it with a brush. They said this is a frequent problem with current Nokia devices, it has been a problem for many users not only with Nokia 8 but for other phones like the Nokia 3,5 as well. Please help with this issue urgently.

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There's not really anything particularly unusual about the design of the earpiece; it's pretty much identical to what you will get most good Android hardware vendors. I don't really know what sort of help you expect to get here. You really just need to do the obvious and gently clean it yourself occasionally. Avoid snagging / tearing / damaging the fabric covering the inside of the hole (it's there to stop dust getting to the internal components). Beyond that, try to stop or reduce the dust getting in.
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