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MediaTek vs. Qualcomm

I'm surprised by the change from a Qualcomm SoC to MediaTek. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 in the old Nokia 5 was a highly significant factor in my choice to buy it; and I've been very satisfied with that choice. If the Nokia 5.1 had been based on the Snapdragon 450, it would have been an easy choice of direct refresh-upgrade for me. This change, to what I regard as an inferior SoC vendor, makes it a difficult choice, and I think I may well either delay or look elsewhere as a direct result.

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Helio p18 is 40percent faster than 430 and 27% faster than 450.

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Mediatek is not bad but people hold bad opinion against them due to being used in Chinese crappy phones which are poorly optimised.
What is your source for those performance claims? 40% faster than the SD 430 seems possible, but I have significant difficulty seeing how 27% over the SD 450 could even remotely be possible. Everything I've seen so far suggests to me that the P18 and SD 450 are quite close in performance.
P18 has better Arm mali gpu and newer lithography plus higher base frequency (2.0ghz vs 1.8ghz)
Really? A quick search suggests to me that the Mali T860 MP2 is lower performance and older than the Adreno 506.
Digging a little deeper, the P18 looks lower spec on both LTE and WiFi. It has cat 6 LTE vs. cat 7/13 for the SD 450. It also seems to be lacking support for 802.11ac.
The P18 is lower on video performance as well. The SD 450 can do 1080p @ 60 FPS, but the P18 can only do 30 FPS.
I came across a bad benchmarking site. But I had hope before launch that hmd will give sd626

So a question for the people who have the Nokia 5.1. How is the performance, especially compared to the Snapdragon 450?

I have found now this list:

It seems it's a bit faster than the 450 from Qualcomm. Also it says it is the MT Helio P10 and not like mentioned here the P18.

I did a research and it seems the P10 is the normal MTK 6755 processor. This one is already several years old. Now the Nokia 5.1 has the MTK 6755S which is also called P18. This one seems to be a much newer processor.

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