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WhatsApp audio not working

Hi nokia, My Nokia 7 plus currently I cannot able to hear opposite side person what that talking, Normal call everything perfectly work, Only internet using call like WhatsApp, Skype, viber, etc,,,,, all can't  hear opposite person voice Why? Why? Why? First week I use android 8 oreo, I never try any WhatsApp call, but did Skype call working perfectly I speak more then hour going smoothly, Second week upgrade to android 9 P beta version, after call via Skype opposite person voice can't  hear , and try WhatsApp audio and video call both also audio can't hear me, but my voice opposite person can hear perfectly, After try viber app also , Now what is problem? What happened my phone, Just now i do factory reset my phone still see same problem, Any one can suggest any software have to rollback my previous version android 8? Similar like Nokia Lumia phone have windows phone recovery tools, Nokia 7 plus have any this kind of tools, or any other ideas? Am waiting for response, ThAnkS
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