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Free Google Home Mini delivery?

I got my Nokia 6.1 from CPW sim free. I signed up for the free Google Home Mini online on the morning the offer opened (2nd May). Still nothing has arrived.

The website says "The Google Home Mini will be despatched to customer within 28 days of redemption."

Has anyone got one yet?

Mine came last week - I'm in the UK.

Well the offer closed yesterday (14/06/2018). Having registered on the first day it opened (02/05/2018) We still don't have anything. I checked the website last week and tried to register again but it said the IMEI had already been used for this promotion. Webpage now just says "This promotion is now closed". No contact details to chase it.

Anyone have any contact details to chase this?

I've just got this response from Nokia Mobile Care:


"Dear IanC,

Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care.

Due to internal policies, we at Nokia Mobile Care have no access to the customers' registration for the promotion.

As per official information, the Google Home Mini will be dispatched to customer within 28 days of redemption.

If you have done a successful registration you shall receive the item as described above.

In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Best regards,

Nokia Mobile Care"

Bought and registered phone on 16th May. Now 34 days and not received Google Mini. No-one to contact. Poor service.

Still nothing arrived for me... I wonder if it is worth contacting BBC Watchdog?

Go for it.

You guys get yours yet? I registered my IMEI number on 11th June and haven't heard anything.

Registered mine on 16th May and no Mini yet. Nokia Mobile Care "escalated" my case on 25th June. This is bad marketing and bad customer support. Nokia UK should be ashamed.

Still nothing for me. I tweeted them on 10th July to which they replied the same day: @NokiaMobile "Hi Ian, Sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. Could you please provide a contact number or e-mail address and someone will be in touch. Thanks."

I replied straight back with email address. No response.

I then tweeted again on 12th July saying I'd not heard from them. No reply as of yet!

A company called eXPERTIS does the delivery. I have registered mine on 11th Jun, Called them, talked to the person who overviews the whole thing, She said very sorry, but still waiting for the minis to arrive to them. Nothing to blame Nokia on it. Everybody just cries on this forum :((((

I got mail that I will receive in 6 months (registered 10 days ago). I will wait!

How did you register 10 days ago when the offer closed in the UK for Nokia 6.1 on 14th June? 

The only offer I can see open at the moment is Nokia 7+ in the Republic of Ireland.

If the problem is down to Expertis why doesn't Nokia say this instead of getting bad publicity for it?

Still nothing arrived.

I've tried tweeting @NokiaMobile again - they stopped replying after their first reply.

Has anyone else got theirs yet?

I suspect now the new models are out they were only trying to get rid of the older ones?

I have received mine 2 weeks ago, the mini was manufactured in March. The lady on the phone said they are still waiting for stock but sending out everything they got, but lot of them goes back due nobody is at home
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