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Nokia is doing fraud with us

Guys now nokia releases nokia 3.1 and nokia 5.1 which are 2018 variant of old nokia 3 and 5 but both have 18:9 aspect ratio display. Why the nokia 6.1 is not provided with 18:9 aspect ratio display although it is basic display for all mobiles even under 10000 rupee and nokia 6.1 is of 17000 . Still 18:9 aspect ratio display is missing and graphics are also low and Pathetic camera too. We should raise issue against it.

It is utterly absurd, to the point of being defamatory, to throw this entirely unfounded accusation of "fraud" at HMD. The display of the 6.1 is exactly as advertised; there is no misrepresentation, deception, or dishonesty. If you don't like it, or don't feel it is good value, go buy something else.

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Nokia 6.1 has outstanding color reproduction. 18:9 is trend not technology.
Nokia explicitly stated during the launch of the Nokia 6.1 that their main focus was build quality & durability. And as you should know, making a phone taller might compromise it's durability
The phones camera is amazing you probably just don't know how to use it. The thing is that on Auto mode your shutter speed is almost a second long and if you can't keep your hand steady for that time your picture obviously will come out blurry. Just go into pro mode and reduce the shutter speed to your liking and be amazed.
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