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4G VOLte with any carriers other than Jio in India

Hey guys Is anyone getting Vo LTE services with any carrier other than Jio? Airtel and Vodafone support Vo LTE. I'm using a Vodafone 4G SIM. I have enable enhanced LTE mode for voIce from settings. Still I only get a 4G symbol in my status bar. Can someone help me out?

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I am also using Vodafone 4G Volte in Maharashtra Circle. I am getting the service for LTE calls. But there seems to be some problem with the quality of service. Whenever i make or receive a call, its changes to 3G / 2G or drops the internet connection completely. I have also tested this in my Oneplus 3 and the same happened. Hope Vodafone fixes this soon.
@amol are you sure you are getting volte on Nokia 7 plus for Vodafone Maharashtra,a lot of people have complained including me and Vodafone has bluntly denied that Nokia 7plus doesn't support there volte service,so please confirm once again if it is volte on Nokia 7plus for Vodafone Maharashtra circle

Yes.. I contacted the regional Vodafone Nodal officer via email and they helped me get it working. It has to be switched on from their end.

Note: They will say that the device is not supported but you might have to be persistent that it is supported as per their website and keep on pushing them about that. 

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Amol I have got the same settings and I have utlimately mailed DoT against them ,since these guys are useless at nodal office and very frankly speaking I don't have time to chase them all day,I had a very long conversation with them for 3 days but no result,do you have any direct contact number of nodal office?
Are you using it Vodafone or any other operator with it ,and how did you upload the screen shot
They have different email IDs and numbers for each region. Check online for the same. I am using another Vodafone number for work in the second slot. Screenshot can be uploaded using the desktop site of nokia care or from the laptop.
Ok thanks Amol,I am writing mails to the appalette and nodal officer almost daily,will check


Hey guys I also have the same problem as sameermehta2087. I am presently in Chennai. I also got a message from Vodafone saying my handset supports VO LTE (just send "4G CHECK" to 199)

Can anyone help me out?

Hi Suraj Shiva, Could you confirm if you are able to use Vodafone VoLTE in any other handset?

Also please confirm if VoLTE is activated on your number.

Hi Amit,

VoLTE is activated on my number I checked by sending "4g check" to 199. Presently I don't have any other devices to test out. Do you have VoLTE enabled in your phone?

Hi Suraj,

VoLTE for my device started yesterday itself. Does your 4G CHECK message to 199 looks like this. It says both sim and handset are supported?


If you see only handset is VoLTE enabled, please do visit nearest Vodafone store to get it activated on SIM also.


Hey I got the same message. but still I only get a 4G symbol. Did you visit the Vodafone Store to activate?

Did you test VoLTE (Does the network switch when you make calls ?)

Hi Guys,
I was also facing the same issue with Vodafone VoLTE.
I had contacted their support team, they called me and told Nokia 7 plus doesn't support VoLTE for Vodafone.
But then the next day 30th May 2018, I got a new icon in the notification bar (Se the snapshot)

It is indeed the icon for VoLTE, confirmed by inserting Jio SIM.

There is no much difference except that now network doesn't switch to 3G when on voice calls.


Hi Suraj, Please put Vodafone Sim card in sim slot 1 and dial *#*#4636#*#*. Then go to "Phone Information". You should have below 3 options enabled. If still you are not able to see VoLTE in your phone try giving a factory reset to your phone. In my case it worked after factory reset only.


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