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Weird headphone jack bug?

 Good day,
I have noticed a very strange problem with my Nokia 6.1. Every time I listen to music through the headphone jack, it stops after an unspecified time and a noise follows a few seconds later, and then the music continues. I thought it could be my headphones or the streaming service, but no, it has to be the smartphone, I tested 5 different headphones and 3 streaming services. Is this a software problem or hardware?

I had exactly the same problem on my 6 2018. Took it back to the shop, got a new phone, exactly the same problem. Definitely a bug.

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a Software bug right? i hope so....i dont want to give away my Nokia....

 I have the exact same issue, hopefully it will be resolved soon

 I think I fixed the problem. Switches off the option "Raise for notifications" under Settings -> System -> Motion. Since I've issued this, it works!

Check if you've got a notification whenever this happens, if you do have a notification the music stopped so you know you got a notification which can be switched off. If not then, yea, it's probably another bug from the 100s that have already been encountered.

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