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No reply from Nokia side

Why is no one - developers or moderators ,not replying to any of our questions . What is the use of this forum. How do the users know that the company has acknowledged the issue?. I don't think anyone will buy any Nokia product in future if things go same way. At least if someone from company side responds, it will be useful.

Completely agree. It is very frustrating. Browsing the threads is awful: you only see messages asking for help with issues they have, and almost no answer. So sad I came here *after* purchasing my device.

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The forum is intended to be a community support forum, i.e. peer to peer, user to user. It is not intended to be how we request support from HMD/Nokia, they have other methods for that:

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Yes, but you have no support there too, same for support chat. The best answer I had was "Yes we know, wait for next patch", same as moderator here. After 3 weeks with no 4G. You wait for someone to take the call, and you get basically no support.

So I, as almost everyone here, come here and complain.


Hi all, 

@madbilly:  thanks for stating this :) 

@rbfr: the thing is some software issues simply need a software update, the technical support nor I can really tell when the update is out there because this is depending on the RND team and on how quick they can fix the issue. So there is nothing else we can do than acknowledging the problem and ask you to wait. But I would be interested what kind of other answer would you like to hear? Maybe I can provide some more info in the future (as I said exact dates are not possible to give  out for me). 

Best regards,

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Thankfully I've not had to contact customer support yet. I hope that when I do the support is much better than the general impression I'm getting from people in this forum, it does appear that both the telephone and chat support methods are very poor.

@rbfr did you lose 4G after an over-the-air update? Or did it never work? I've now set my phone to not automatically install updates, which means I can delay them until I have checked the forums to make sure that there are no issues. OR if there are issues then I make sure I've done a full backup before applying the update.

@Laura: I know that. What I (and other people I guess) would like to hear is official HMD statements on issues, but not only, incoming enhancements, etc. This is so simple.

Question: did you acknowledge anything on those topics: FM hardware on N7+? selfie camera strange specs? behavior with non-Nokia camera software (not even talking about broken camera2api in last patch)? Community request for bootloader unlocking? Delayed notifications with mail, messages, etc.? Disappearing features like fingerprint nav? And the many other topics?

If you want another example of bad communication:

For N7+, the page has been updated a few days ago. Since march. Yeah. And it just lists CVEs that I was able to find by myself. Nothing about everything else that Nokia/HMD is working on, not only issues, but also the good stuff, etc. Updates are complete black boxes.

When community reports issues, most of the time there is no statement, nothing. I know you cannot know everything, address all problems, save the planet and end the wars. But when you see 10+ message on a topic, Nokia/HMD should come with something else than "wait for next patch" through your keyboard. At best, because most of the time it is complete silence. It is somehow insulting.

So now: official support is useless. Brand does not communicate. What is left? Twitter? Only answers to happy useless statements from happy users that seem not to have any problems.

@madbilly: I was talking about 4G, because I was one of the users affected by May update. We were left with no 4G for 3 weeks, and it suddenly worked, before June update. This is one of the things that drove me mad.

You want to know what happens when you contact support: "We are aware of the issue.Wait for next week, patch incoming: )". Good. Next week, nothing. New contact: they gave me the non-working solution for Finland users... I insisted because I knew it would not work: "please try". Next contact: "yeah we know, this is not working... wait for next patch".

Same as here. And if I remember, Laura or Anna or whoever told us that we had not contacted support enough so they were not aware of the issue... Ho yeah, that was a good one. Then two weeks later, when it started working again, no statement, no info, support: "it's working now? Good :)". Then "Are you satisfied with customer support?". What is that? Silent update? New config on carrier side? Support having no clue?

We will never know since no one is talking to us.

And now same has happened to some indian guys. Good luck, I know it will work again... one day...

I totally lost trust in the brand.

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Hi rbfr

Thanks for a really constructive critique. I agree that external communication might not always be the best, which might be because we are quite a small communication department within HMD. Beside that official communication is always a bit tricky because you just have to be super careful what you say and what not. Same counts for me, sometimes I can’t give out all  the info just because there are still some uncertain aspects. But nevertheless, I agree this is something we should improve. 

Thanks for the feedback again and I will pass it on. 

Best regards,

 Thank you Laura for your reply, I hope the message will get through :)

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@rfbr, if I'd had the same experience as you I would also have lost faith in the brand. The same happened to me with MS and B2X with my Lumia.

You've made lots of good suggestions about how HMD can engage better in this forum, e.g. replying on topics which get a significant number of posts, and also how they can in how they can improve other areas like the patch notes. I really hope that this feedback is getting through to decision makers at HMD because there is a risk that the volume on the negative feedback reaches a point where it starts to be picked up by the tech media and could put people off buying the new Nokia phones. HMD have to improve the customer service before this happens.

Re your point on the security patch page - I've noticed that some things on there are wrong for the Nokia 8, so more attention is definitely needed there.

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