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Bugs in new pro camera app

I have found some bugs and some features missing from the new camera app such as: 1) pro mode does not work with monochrome sensor 2) the sliding action which turns on the pro mode does not work in landscape orientation 3) video recording with monochrome sensor is gone 4) also digital stabilization replaced the OIS which is bad because it crops the captured area in the video and also not good in night light situations 4a) atleast there should be an option to toggle the digital stabilization #missing features . No 60 fps mode . No live effect of shutter speed slider on viewfinder (i mean u can only see the effect after u capture after u try diffrent shutter speeds)

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"No live effect of shutter speed slider on viewfinder "

I dont think thats a bug. How can you expect a phone to show you how the picture will look like if you "physically" let the shutter open for longer?

it can show you ISO because ISO is just adding brightness digitally while sacrificing sharpness.

I felt the same too. Still finding trouble with the focus and the quality of the shots is not well improved as expected..
First, I would like to say thanks for giving us nostalgic camera app. You guys are doing great. Now, I found some issues in the new camera app. 1-Monochrome video has gone. 2-Now regular video recording is not good as it was. 3-No 60 fps video recording and no 240 fps in slow-mo 4-Bugs in switching the front cam. Sudden stopped. 5-No mirror selfi trigger. It is very important. 6-Bokeh is not that much good as it was. Lacks of edge detection. I used third party camera app , Nokia 8 camera hardware is capable for 60 fps video recording. Please try to fix these issues with June security patch. Thanks.

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Tech Wizard

With shutter sound enabled, a loud audio 'blip' is recorded at the beginning of each video clip.
- Can you guys confirm this, or is it only my phone misbehaving?

(It sound as the last half of the default shutter sound).

In a few hours testing, it seems most of the unique Nokia 8 dual-camera features in full auto mode regarding automatic scene mode selection and its artificial intelligence in still image processing has been disabled?

Also in full auto mode:

Focus hunting and takes photos before focusing is done. I prefer to use the volume buttons as shutter, and it used to work. Especially the autofocus in low light and close-ups is now unpredictable.

Low light performance in video mode is poor.

I'm not sure whether OIS is missing, yet. (The field of view in video mode was smaller than photo mode in the old app too).

- How can I test this?

The UI repeats the mistakes from long ago in Nokia 6:

The settings is split for no apparent reason, with the video resolution settings only available when the camera is in video mode.

Encouraging the user to record photos and videos vertically. This spoils not only the videos, but in Nokia 8 also the OZO audio recording.

Swipe to toggle between photo and video mode is clumsy and not logical. There is plenty of space for a button.

Have a quarter of the viewfinder dimmed by grey menu overlay is not smart when taking pictures and videos in 16:9 format and holding the phone properly.


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1. I feel the end image result in auto/pro mode similar with lumias (maybe somewhat worser) 2. the pro mode problems as people mentioned above 3. i tried to tweak the manual same with some scene that i could re-take... the result is pretty worse compared to previous camera software. I feel like previous camera build (algorithm?) much much better despite having no pro mode, what do you think guys?

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The camera control settings such as focus whitebalance etch should roll back to auto on restart. What can you control in monochrome sensor other than focus?

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* You cant use pro mode with monochrome sensor which is a shame as I love black and white photography. * And yes the blip sound is recorded in the video * Also shutter speed is very limited between 1/500 and 0.5 seconds which should not be the case because many third party apps goes upto 1/64000 and 0.7 seconds * 60 fps mode should be there because you can record 60fps using google camera so why not with Nokia camera * Also no pro mode controls are available while recording videos which was not the case in Lumias

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Freeloader well I m not an expert in designing android app but I use a third party app called 'manual camera' which shows the live effect of shutter control so that is why I asked about this feature.

Tech Wizard

> And yes the blip sound is recorded in the video 

Thanks for confirmation, I considered a factory reset of the phone.

I'll try find some positive changes during the weekend (and more bugs, probably...)


I still don't have the new camer app, but I by reading to your comments, I am not sure I really want it. By the way, I am sure you can't just "disable" OIS. Optical stabilization is a physical mechanism added to the lens to stabilize it against the movement of the phone in your hands, it can't (couldn't?) be disabled by software. Simply, if a lens has OIS, it is always stabilized, in photos and video, you want it or not.

Tech Wizard

Something has changed to the worse in the video stabilization, at least on my phone. Still considering a factory reset of the phone, to make sure it's supposed to be like this. :-(

The real question is : Will it be fixed or is it all we got?? I mean like they took so much time to work on it so its the final update for nokia 8

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