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Camera is freezing the phone continuously on Nokia 6.1

Camera app is snappy and laggish in Nokia 6.1.It contains several bugs.Camera on all third party apps like whatsapp,instagram,paytm,snapchat,.etc and wherever qr code scanning is required, freezes the phone for longtimes whenever camera is opened in these apps.Its disgusting and not expected from Nokia.Camera app is lagging the performance of the phone. So please look after this and issue an update solving these bugs. Thank you.

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I chatted with the German support today and I sent them the links to the nokia forum posts. I was told that the problem is known and due to the software and furthermore the technicians are working on it (priority). The support hopes that the problem will be resolved with the next update.

Further, "As a temporary solution, we can advise you to turn off 4G and location and hopefully these steps will be resolved until the solution is distributed by our development department." (translated from German)

Then I deactivated the "Location" permisson in the camera app. We will see.

Hope, that Nokia will fix this software bug soon.

Greetz from Austria

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