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Login page is broken in Chrome, but works with Firefox

 I did already bring the the broken Chrome login page to the attention of Nokia Mobile Care by email before becoming aware that I could still post using Firefox. Using the Chrome browser, whether on my desktop Linux computer or on my Nokia 6.1 phone, I see the the "three dot" animation of the login page after clicking "login" on the forum page, but then the login dialogue never appears. The three dot "standby" animation continues indefinitely. Using Firefox, the page behaves normally. I briefly see the "three dots", then the login dialogue appears. This behaviour is the same whether the using mobile data or my home network. I'm sure the support crew is working diligently on this, but does anybody else have any clues? Am I the only one with this problem? It's been broken 3 or 4 days, as best I can remember.

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Endless spinning dots on the login page:
Third-party cookies is probably disabled in the browser.

In the Chrome browser > Settings > Site settings > Cookies
= enable cookies and third-party cookies.
This is the default setting.


Thanks, unchecking "block third party cookies" in settings > advanced > privacy and security > content settings > cookies,  fixed the issue.

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 You can still block third party cookies and just add an exception for

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^ Thank you Madbilly, that also works.

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