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Cases for Nokia 7 Plus

Will Nokia make cases available for Nokia 7 Plus, especially Rugged Impact? Can't find any good ones on Amazon.

Nokia give a free case in box, do you get it? I'm form Vietnam and i get it.

Yes, I did get a case but its made of soft TPU. I want a rugged one, like their own Rugged Impact or Spigen's Rugged Armour, so that it can provide better protection to my phone.
MTT rugged armour is good Moreover you have marvel edition cases too for the same It's available on

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I already have what you are talking about, but of different brand. That case is a generic product on which different brands put their names and sell as their own. It's no way near to Spigen's Rugged Armour in quality. Search on google for Spigen's Rugged Armour and check it out yourself.
I am looking for a tempered glass preferably transparent and edge to edge,any suggestions?
Namah idont think so
Mayankmethad pls give links I tried to search but couldn't find one
Nokia released case for Nokia 7 plus in the accessories segment in their own website. But I don't know when it will be available for sale.
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