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Camera Pro Update - Your experience


Heya everyone out there,


As you know we have started rolling-out the camera update for Nokia 8. I saw some of you have received it already, for some of you it might still take a bit (depending on region and so on) but be assured you’ll receive it. 

We are very interested in how you like the new update, so please feel free to share your experience here, what you like and what you don’t like and so on. 

Happy exploring and best regards,


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I know and this is the problem. "Directly" Nokia- camera-app search in Google Play Store from my 8 gives NO results. This camera-app was developed for "all" Nokia-Smartphones (with Zeiss camera) WITHOUT the old Nokia 8..The hardware is not to compare. The "UPDATE" on/ for our "old" Nokia's 8 can't work correct. Thats why we can wait only on Android Pie. When?..... 

I haven't tried anything complicated with the camera but the "beep" that gets recorded on video is a bit ridiculous. Is there a way to turn this off - or have it beep before the audio recording begins? I was going crazy trying to find some weird setting in my NLE until I realised the beeps were recorded in the original clips... pretty dopey!

 @AndyQ: Switch off the Shutter Sound (may be distinct in Photo and Video settings).

It's the first thing I do in every camera. There are some countries where you must play a sound when taking a picture, so this is enabled by default.

I hope you do not take too many videos of calm situations, because then you will realize that the famed OZO sound tends to pull up the microphone gain so much that you can hear all kinds of crumbling in your video.

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@SuAlfons: Thanks, that's handy to know. Unfortunately that shuts of the sound for both still photos and video, and the sound certainly is useful feedback on a camera phone. Ideally there would be either separate "sound off" options for stills/videos, but even then it'd still be nice to have the option of an audible notification for video that blips just before shooting commences.

I mean, ideally the camera should never record its own shutter sound. It's not a hard thing to fix if anyone would have tested the app beyond just confirming it opens without crashing.

Tech Wizard


Nokia 8 should not record the shutter sound, and should not have the nasty crackling noise at the start of the (first) video recording. But the OZO surround processing is for my use far superior to anything I've heard from a phone so far (and better than most affordable camcorders).
- The audio can be edited along with the video later.

A quiet day at the nearby lake and river, put together on the phone in Google Photos without too much effort:

The audio has a noise floor way below -45dB VU. The frequency spectrum appears well-processed without hissing (it records up to 18kHz when relevant).

I prefer to keep the ambient rumble and traffic noise along with the ducks and people talking and walking in this case.



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Thanks for the detailed analysis Hans, we can always rely on you to look at things objectively.

Rumours (!) suggest that the 7.1 plus (X7) will be launched next week in China and will have a camera with OIS - the first since the 8. I hope this means that HMD have been working on fixing the problems we've been experiencing before they launch the X7, and they can retrofit the fixes to the 8.

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I'll believe it when I see it, I hoped too many times now. There's nothing to retrofit in terms of OIS, just disable EIS - most camera apps manage somehow.

We're supposed to get a "new experience" with Pie anyway and I think it's by the end of the month too.

Here's my review of this device after 3 months of use... Nokia has failed to bring competition.

The camera is atrocious, again I'm comparing it to my Xperia Z2 which is a 4-year-old device with a single lens.

The Nokia 8 has dual camera's and the hardware to accelerate its pictures, Nokia's camera UI is terrible, the noise reduction and picture quality are as bad as a 5MP camera in 2018.

The last great device that ever came out of this company was the Nokia N95 and since they have failed to bring anything to the table. 

I used to be a Nokia fan and was so glad to see that they were making a comeback that I gave you guys a chance but I think I'll stick with the tried and trusted in future

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Whilst there are problems with the camera of the Nokia 8, I strongly disagree that the last great device from Nokia was the N95. I'll go in chronological order from the release of the N95:

  • N900
  • N8
  • (N950)
  • N9
  • 808 PureView
  • Lumia 1020 Pureview
Unless you want a T9 slider form factor, in which case you're probably right.

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Me gustaría saber qué mejoras trae la cámara con android p. Se podrá ampliar la velocidad de obturación a más de medio segundo? Alguien ha escuchado algún comentario?
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