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Camera Pro Update - Your experience


Heya everyone out there,


As you know we have started rolling-out the camera update for Nokia 8. I saw some of you have received it already, for some of you it might still take a bit (depending on region and so on) but be assured you’ll receive it. 

We are very interested in how you like the new update, so please feel free to share your experience here, what you like and what you don’t like and so on. 

Happy exploring and best regards,


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If you access the camera and lock the phone and the reaccess it from the recent apps this happens i had to restart my device to make it work can you please at least revert back to the original ? 

I know the bugs in the stock camera are seriously annoying but as a stop gap until Nokia sort this out are any of you using the ported Google camera? So far it has solved my issues and takes far better pictures than the stock camera and you don't get any of the issues some of you are getting. I'm using the cstark version, for my needs it works well, it hasn't got all the features of some of the other versions but takes good pictures and everything works in it with minimal need to message with any settings in it.

I've been a big advocate of the Google Camera in the past but people should not be having to resort to sideloading a community developed app when they have paid good money for a product.

It has been 3 months now since the "Pro" camera was launched and there has been zero support for it and no substantial information from the moderators or the company itself. Feels to me like a newer model is coming given the Nokia 8 is about to become 1 year old and they are hoping to sweep the Nokia 8 and its shabby camera under the carpet.

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Nokia 8 is one of the nokia phones to receive android P, most likely we will not see any major update till then, because it does not make sense. Do you need constant communication from some company rep. ? I don't understand this complaints. Three months is not a long time, and they are not developing uniquely nokia 8 camera app. They may have a well defined update-upgrade schedule that they are in any circumstances compelled to reveal to the public.

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It is OK saying 3 months is not a long time but the camera has been rubbish for the entire 11 months since the Nokia 8 launched and not just the 3 months the Pro app has been out.

I agree it is up to Nokia to remain silent if they wish however i am not sure it is doing them any favours when it comes to repeat business. Their USP of low cost but high quality handsets has gone out the window and when it comes to all round support there is a deafening silence.

They have not even answered the simple question of will the app be updated via Google Play or via OTA.

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I'm waiting for 11 months, no improvement in camera. Feeling upset. @LAURA atleast did they replied you about camera
EIS in video recording is very bad, get OIS come back please.
İ cant focused manually if i not focus my self i have better results
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