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Camera Pro Update - Your experience


Heya everyone out there,


As you know we have started rolling-out the camera update for Nokia 8. I saw some of you have received it already, for some of you it might still take a bit (depending on region and so on) but be assured you’ll receive it. 

We are very interested in how you like the new update, so please feel free to share your experience here, what you like and what you don’t like and so on. 

Happy exploring and best regards,


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I like to take quick snaps everywhere I go. Before the update it was quite hard to get a decent photo. Slow autofocus, often no focus at all, often incorrect colours. After the update, with Pro Camera app most of these quick snaps are spot on. Sharp focus, correct colours. I was very disappointed with the old app capabilities and even thought getting a Nokia 7 Plus as my wife. But with the new app I’ll stick to Nokia 8 and I’m happy with it. As most users point out that ISO and shutters speed in Pro mode needs further improvement. And also Pro mode acts quite weird when UI elements and fonts are set bigger than default (I like texts bigger on my screen).

 Guys can you tell me what build v4.88b is like from a System UI standpoint for the TA1004.

any bugs or weird issues with this build?

System stability?

Does the phone still freeze in split screen use?

Is fast charging working when screen is on??

Is aptx and ldac finally working or not??

I'm holding off on updating since a few people are reporting bootloop did any of you face the bootloop issue??

@Abuyer...APTX support is still not there I believe as it was not available earlier too. For me there is no bug apart from charging time which has increased. Even though it supports fast charging, taking almost 2 and half hours for full charge which was not the case earlier. Camera quality is still not improved and video recording is still not the smooth one, though the primary camera has OIS. I don't know which camera is being used at the time of video recording..since there is no way to check that... Autofocus is very bad....☹️
@jibs1987 Aptx and ldac support was present on Nougat, users have reported it as working with compatible HP's. Did they f up the charging on the Nokia 8 as well(?) Is fast charging now only working with screen off??? PLEASE CONFIRM.
I suffered the bootloop issue after the update installed and the only way to resurrect my phone was to perform a factory reset and in doing so lose all my data - which I hadn't backed up because the previous 2 updates went fine, so I trusted this one, plus Nokia doesn't provide any backup software (unlike Samsung) so now I need to find a third party solution. And no, "store it in the cloud" is not really a solution.
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