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Cant move any apps to sdcard

Why i cannot move my apps to sdcard? Got 32gb, fast samsung card. I can't move any apps to it, but copying files work, also cam. I think option in developent settings is here because of anrdoid one, same as bootloader unlock, won't do nothing. Can other ppl move apps to sdcard on n7+? Or does this only happens on Samsung card?

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Download an app from the Google play store called "files to SD card" It works perfectly...
No it wont move apps, i use appmgr3 and there is no move button where it should be. Saw another guy has same problem in xda forums. Anyone can move apps to other cards than samsung card?
This isn't a handset issue this is a Android version issue. You could do it natively on marshmallow and nougat but not on Oreo. You might be able to in you go into settings then applications then to the app you want to move?

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There ia no move button in application app page where it normally is, near wipe data button..
Moving apps to SD is not supported on the 7, as it does not support adopted internal storage. It would perform badly regardless of the SD card used, as the built in storage is significantly faster. Use the SD only for data, as intended; there should be plenty of internal space for apps with larger data stored on SD.
Ok. Thanks for your info. Does move apps work on rooted n7+? I think i wanna got root to my n7+, many things so much easier on rooted device. I need to command my device my way, not googles way.
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