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Devices not covered by EU warranty?

Hi, I bought a Nokia 8 Sirocco on Ebay. As I found later, the seller was from China, the device not eligble to HMD EU warranty. In fact, when I contacted HMD support regarding the device, the representative hung up on me after receiving the IMEI.

This is weird from a customer perspective. I understand the TA-1005 is always the same device, right? What's the incentive for HMD hindering customers like this? Regards


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I understand your problem. I had the same problem with my Nokia N8. The company I bought it from said it was based in the EU, but when I needed to use the warranty I discovered the phone was a HK version so the warranty wasn't valid in the EU.

I don't know why manufacturer's insist on regional/country specific warranties. I understand that different countries have different laws, and a manufacturer might want to provide a different warranty in different markets, but it makes no sense why we can't make a warranty claim on a HK device in the EU, under the terms of the HK warranty.

Like you said, it's the same phone.

I've no idea where my current phone is from but the Support app does say the warranty is valid!

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