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First impressions

Arrived through the post two days ago and my first impressions are listed below. My previous phone was a OnePlus Two.


  • Feels solid and well built
  • Smooth feel of the aluminium body
  • Copper highlights around the edges
  • Nice to hear that Nokia tone again (I'm old enough to remember the old Nokia phones)

Things I miss compared to my OnePlus
  • Slow blinking multi-coloured LED on the front indicating messages received etc
  • Automatic switch off and on at night time
  • If an alarm is set and the OnePlus phone is switched off it used to switch on and sound the alarm

Problems/could be better
  • When I record with the dual camera setup the voice is not in sync with the video. I don't think the processor can handle the multi-stream input from both cameras
  • Reboots randomly (reading the forum this is an issue acknowledged by Nokia so hopefully they'll get it fixed)

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