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ANT+ doesn't work after updating to Android 8.1

After updating my Nokia 6 to Android 8.1 ANT connectivity is lost, I can't no longer connect to devices like heartrate sensors etc. Has anyone found out how to fix this issue? Nokia support wasn't helpful, they probably don't know what ANT is and how it works :-(.

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Have you found anything? From ANT tester it seems that firmware does not support it. Can I downgrade to get it working ?

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Unfortunately no progress in this issue.
Seriously, I am going to service with this. If they cannot fix it, I will return the phone. On next upgrade they might turn off the WiFi or maybe screen.

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Try downloading ANT Radio Service app from playstore.

Hello Akhil, Of course, I did. I've checked all with Ant tester app. It shows that the firmwares does not support it.

This service is previously pre-installed in most of the android devices.

now we have to manually download it from playstore.

Search for ANT Radio Service app from playstore.

your problem will be solved.


The OP has stated that he has Radio Service installed. I have the same problem, Ant+ not working after upgrade to 8.1, all necessary apps installed the upgrade has broken something. Ant Tester states that Built in Firmware has no service ?

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of course I have ANT Radio Service installed. I hope that someone from HMD is reading this so it can be fixed in future release. 

U people trust HMD , u know many users of Nokia 6 TA 1021 are requesting to clear the issue about not getting security patch who received the security patches there mobiles r bricked or doing crazy things , this ANT issue is from months they DUMPED NOKIA 6 USERS , AND THEY R DUMPING NOKIA 5 AND 7 , AND 7 PLUS USERS , Y SHOULD WE BUY NOKIA , THIS HMD HAD TAKEN THE NOKIA BRAND DEEP INTO HELL , *RIP HMD GLOBAL*

I have spent days on Chat to Nokia support but they want to pass the problem on to Ant+, to Android, or to the retailer that I bought the phone from. They will not try to understand the issue or take any responsibility themselves. They even suggest that I use bluetooth devices to replace my Ant+ devices. They will also not give me a telephone number to call saying support is given bt Chat and email only ! Finally they ask me to wait until next week and contact them again, as the only one person in Nokia that can answer my questions is on holiday ! 

these 3 errors are logged when I try to use ant:

08-08 14:20:03.510  1514  9953 E antradio: failed to open dev /dev/ant: No such file or directory
08-08 14:20:03.510  1514  9953 E antradio: failed to enable channel /dev/ant: No such file or directory
08-08 14:20:03.510  1514  9953 E antradio: ant enable failed: No such file or directory


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