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Bootloader unlock

Official hmd methode used zulea1996 @ gmail. com All together write and send me message Contact me there, and unlock any hmd nokia bootloader

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Bump. Send me mail for unlock it.
This isn't gonna work. Let's tweet about & mention the CEO, CPOs of hmd global. We need to get more attention. Btw, they don't really read the forums.

Just like HMD, their bootloader unlocker app is also useless. It complaints that my device isn't supported.

It's been almost an year that I haven't been able to unlock my device, root it and use it to full potential.

I feel like an idiot that I paid for this device. I own it yet unable to do anything productive with it, to utilize my money.

HMD: You're useless, selfish, and stubborn and don't support developers. I regret being one of your first customer and supporting you, for you just leveraged nostalgia attached with Nokia.

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