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Where is Pro Camera update?

HMD said that Pro Camera update will come on Friday 1st of June. We are on Saturday 2nd of June and till now I didn’t receive any update for my Nokia 8 TA-1004 model in Jordan. Any support for us in the Middle East?

UK hasn't received the update either but its a phase rollout, don't think anyone knows which country or area will be next.

Same here still have not received it on my Nokia 8 TA1004 I am also from Jordan too :) 

Same here still have not received it. I am from India

 @Ehab, it is a phased roll out starting on Friday, like all phased patches it will arrive when it arrives unfortunately.

I would wait if I were you. My N8 was bricked by the update. Returned it to the store. Other users on the forum have the same destructive issue.
My TA-1004 is stopped to 8.0 March security update. I don't want to do factory reset. Any advice to get notifications update? Thanks

Ireland has not got the update yet nor has the uk afaik like any update this will be a phased operation so you will need to be patient. I will revert when i get the update in ireland

Wonder if updates are pushed out over weekends or not.
I should stop checking my update page hourly. UK here and still patiently waiting.
No update yet on TA-1004 Nigeria

Awesome news @ehab ! Just checked mine and it's there to download! uk TA-1012 phone here.

It is available in India Mr Satish kumar
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