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May Security Patch ??

I just bought Nokia 6.1 (Ta-1089) it came with April 1 security update out of the box , I checked for May update but it say's your system is up to date ..Just asking bc many user already have may security patch , Is it Delayed because of Issues with Wifi ?

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As you can read in the topic below, that's indeed possible. Besides that, there are several factors which may affect the date you actually receive an update. These factors include device model, region, location, operator approvals.

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Even I haven't got the May Security Patch yet. Still just waiting.

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MaxH I'd like to point out that I actually received the May Security Patch in my first 6.1 device but when I got me second(replaced) I still haven't gotten it. If Nokia has stopped the roll out cause of the reboot issues and what not they should've made it official atleast here in the forums or should've atleast made the information accessible through the Chat Support.

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Agree with you on that, but communication isn't their strongest point. Although, I mailed a few times with support and their reply was quick. I don't think that a patch will be released before the June security release. Am sure that they are working on it and that you have to wait 2 weeks. Maybe your're better of without the May update att.

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Can I get their Mail ID? And yea, xD, the phone is better off without the May Security Patch. It had so many bugs.

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I just got the security patch update 2018 - 05 Thanks for help !!!
Viggie did you do something to get the update? Because I still haven't got it. Can you tell me what you do?
Hi there, are you guys on the May security patch? Are you able to use a data connection because currently I can't. I can connect to WiFi just fine .No other bugs present besides not being able to use my cellular network for data. But calls and texts are fine though

kishore, i did nothing , i am waiting for Wifi Fix update many people got it already even in India too ... 

Shayden my data connection is working fine , only issue with Wifi for me ! 

Viggie the update you got is the WiFi fix update, you shouldn't be having WiFi issues. Shayden the data works fine for me, too. I'm running on 2.22C May Patch. Shayden I advice you mail the support team, they're better and faster at assisting, the chat support is complete crap.

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Thank you Kishore, much appreciated. I tried the support earlier .
Kishore Just did Hard reset now WiFi is working fine now 

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Think I need to bite the bullet and to one as well . Hopefully they will get my data connection to work. I tried various Sim cards with data bundles on them. Still not able to connect . So I guess a hard reset is the way forward then
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