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June security patch update

If anybody got June security patch update,then comment below.

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So, it will take another 1-2 weeks before the patch will come to our device.

I received today in India. It was just a security patch nothing else. No improvement
I've got it model TA-1089

Today, the netherlands, TA-1043 june patch.

Nokia 6.1 Yesterday's update comes out, it does not match that displayed on the phone because the security alert, but the show as of June looks unlikely to be the month of June will be updated to fix the error. Happened The safety of June started on Day 4, not the 1st, showing on the mobile, and the alarm timings. Yesterday's update was also a 5 month security alert, but the mobile time was 6 months. together The hypothesis would be to reduce the dissatisfaction of customers using Nokia 6.1 on most people's phones. May In my opinion, I still have some updates to fix. I have to try to see if the problem has been solved. Month security section June should join the update with the month. July Looks like the Nokia 6.1 handset is the most problematic version compared to other models. I use this mobile version, I have to accept the condition is. And use it anyway. I do not buy it, it will not sell it. To bow to the next.
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