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Something loose inside my Nokia 7 plus , while shooking the phone observe some noise. Anyone facing the same pls confirm?

Anyone facing this?

I tried removing the sim tray and did the shaking but still I canhear the the best of my knowledge the phone doesn't have OIS so it's not from camera, any one experiencing this? Especially while shaking the phone in to/fro movement continuously.
Wtf, me too, i just check after reading your issue and it turns out there some sort of a noise coming from indise the phone
If it sounds like it's coming from the top of the phone to its to camera and this is normal

I have just checked mine and no such noise which does not sound right in your case,

It's probably loose battery or mostly loose vibrator motor,so get it checked at service centre ,I faced this kind of issue on le max2,but on Nokia 7 plus everything seems fine as of now
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