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Nokia 6.1 keeps randomly powering off


I purchased my Nokia 6.1 TA-1068 device around a week and a half ago.  I have noticed it randomly powers off atleast once per day.  I have to then manually power it back on.

Please can somebody help to resolve this issue?



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Are you using it while charging? I believe the phone shuts off if the battery temp hits 45 degrees which is easily hit if you're using the phone during fast charging. 

Try turning off 4G (Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced -> Preferred network type, set to 3G) and leave it that way for a few days? Does it still happen?


Mine sometimes just turned off rather than rebooting.

Hi, it doesn't happen while charging but I've. I'll try switching to 3G. It would be annoying if I have to keep it on that setting to resolve the issue. Do you know if this is a hardware or software issue?

The 4G thing seems to be software. Quite a few people have been reporting it after the May update. Mine was stable before the update. Been stable since I switched to 3G.

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So has your device been powering off or restarting? I spoke to Nokia chat support and they said they've had reports of restarts but not powering off. They weren't very helpful though to be honest. Do you think it's worth sending it in to them for diagnosis/repair or wait until the next update is released?

@user1527995919236 nokia tells you B.S. i reportet SHUTDOWN and also i write in the other thread about SHUTDOWN. So they would know it if they would listen. But it seams they are not interested in listening.

Hi, I am having the same issue since yesterday. I have not seen it happen before. In my experience it has been occurring when the phone was either in my pocket or idle (playing music over bluetooth) in my car. It does seem to run warm/hot in both cases, but I have seen it run very hot and not turn itself off. I find it hard to draw conclusions (yet), but I hope it is caused by the May 2018 update and will be solved on the next (June) security patch. 

Any new findings?

Hi, my device did not power off itself for around 3 days but then, all of a sudden it powered off once yesterday and 3 times today.  There is nothing different I have done between the times it was OK compared to now.

I have booked it in with the repair centre in Sydney (will be collected tomorrow) so hopefully they can find what's wrong with it.  I can't tell if its software or hardware related.  I called them and they said its best they check it out.

I'll respond with their findings - hope they don't take long.

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Thanks for your update! I am going to keep an eye on this issue and how it develops on my side. Did yours develop any heat when it happened?

No, its not even warm.  I just spoke to Nokia chat support and the person (Adele) advised the powering off issue is a known issue and they have escalated it to the relevant department.  She did not provide any reference number even though I asked for one.  From the vague details I received, it sounds like its a software issue so now i am in a dilemma of whether to send for repair or not!

I am not very impressed with their customer service/support!

Support almost never gets a thumbs up when people are experiencing issues. The real hero is the one who solves the issue ;-) However, I am inclined to wait until the next update (this month?) and see what happens. If that does not address the issue, I will get in touch with Nokia here in The Netherlands. 

I have the same problem. Turn ur Location/Tracking off and it should bei fine until Nokia will solve the problem
Hi, just wondering if anyone has started receiving the June 2018 update yet and whether it's resolved the issue? I'm in Australia. Hopefully won't be waiting too long.

Not yet, but it should arrive somewhere in the next two weeks (based on my Google Nexus experience and last month's update). I am really curious to see if it will solve the issue, because I had two random restarts (no shutdown) yesterday, even though GPS was turned off. I have also been reading a Dutch article about the issue, which talks about the issue being caused by 4G networks. Anybody who has some info on that statement?