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Camera app is not working well

Your camera interface and settings missing a lot of basic features.I want to enable the voulme button zoom but here it provides the option for only 1.0x and 2.0x optical zoom. Sometimes situation needs to zooming a object more than 1.0x and not less than 2.0x,but the camera app is not providing option of volume button zoom. Also while recording video on 1080p camera app got stucked and not able to stop the video.Camera app touch buttons stops responding.Tap to focus during video also not works well and live bookeh is of no use as compared to portrait mode to other phones like one plus 5T. Nokia please update your camera app as soon as possible.You got a new life with android and to continue getting trust of customers ,your software should have some quality customizations which are good in user interface.Your camera doesn't worth it. I am disappointed after using it for more than 3 weeks .I mainly bought it thought that the camera of nokia 7 plus is better than the other smartphones in this price range.But i was wrong  :(

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