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Nokia 2330-c White display Problem

Listen before you post please keep it quiet with questions such as "Why do you still have a Nokia" I want to fix this problem urgently and this isnt my personal phone. For a few years I've had this problem with my Nokia 2330, everything I go to Applications and click on the Games folder, the phone is loading, after loading it shows me a white screen for a split second and then shuts off. If anyone needs to know exactly what happens lemme know and I will record a video. The model is Nokia 2330-c2 Ive had this problem for 6 years now, and ive been struggling to fix it for a very long time. If anyone still has this phone then PLEASE HELP ME FIX IT. The white display problem occurs on other things along with the Games folder. So if you still have the phone then PLEASE help me. Thanks.
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