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Nokia 8 Pro Camera App update roll out suspended?

Hello Laura, Thanks for your responsiveness to issues concerning the community. Thanks also for creating a thread to seek for views of uses on Nokia 8 Pro Camera update released recently. However, it seems the rollout has been suspended as all other regions that didn't receive it with the India market and few others are yet to receive the update till now. I have not also received the update on my TA-1004 over here in Nigeria and that made me wonder if the rollout was suspended over the overwhelming and disappointing complaints of users about the Pro Camera App. Please is the rollout still ongoing? I still hope that Nokia will provide the Nokia 8 with suitable camera App that will efficiently utilise the Zeiss Optics and its great sensors and hardwares. It is very disappointing to see that almost all comments after the update are negative after a very long wait for the update. Nokia should do the needful to avoid loosing its fans. Thank you.

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Rollout started just this Friday and then was the weekend. Staged rollouts take days and weeks to reach all users and we had weekend now, so it's kinda obvious they would go back to work on Monday and only then make the rollout wider if everything was good so far.

Phased roll out as has been every single Nokia 8 OTA patch since day one. Sometimes you are at the front of the queue and sometimes you are at the back.

It is tempting to believe that HMD has suspended the roll out.. Today is Monday 4th June and no user in Africa, America, Australia, Europe and even Asia has received the update since Friday or may be the update is only for the India market as other markets don't matter to Nokia. If Google can rollout its updates within 48 hours to various markets, I wonder why it will take Nokia decades to roll out its own.. If the roll out has been suspended, Nokia should inform its customers instead of keeping us in the dark like it did before the Pro Camera release was announced..

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Hi everyone, 

The rollout didn’t get suspended. But as most of our updates this camera update is going out in waves and so may take some time to reach everyone. Be assured you’ll get  the camera update it just might take some time. 

Best regards, 


Thanks Laura for the response. I'm still waiting for it over here in Nigeria
Thanks Laura. All updates with Nokia phones seem to get this prolonged roll out which causes so much resent. Perhaps HMD should concentrate on getting updates out speedier. I think everyone should get them within a week.
Still didn't receive pro camera update. How long it will take to update in India

No one can tell you, it happens when it happens, there isn't a selection process.

It would be nice to get some sort of regional update. Is it still just India that's been updated or has the wave  spread?

Until Sunday June 3rd I didn't get any update on my TA-1012. Read in this forum, that switching to other SIM card would trick the OTA. I inserted an old and expired Indonesian SIM card. OTA was immediately downloading. If I changed the SIM card during the download or install process, it stops immediately.

I wouldn't be eager to receive the update... Given all of the negative comments, and several more or less serious problems plaguing the new camera app, I think I will refrain from installing anything. I don't want crashing camera and missing features...

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By the feedback on this forum I think the roll out should be stopped. Sounds like it makes the camera worse and the phone less reliable.

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